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Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly demonstrating spinal manipulation of the lumbar and dorsal areas of the spine.

A lot of people have read about or heard their friends explain what spinal manipulation is, but this doesn’t really give a clear description of what actually happens. Chiropractor Kevin Kelly shows some simple chiropractic manipulations (adjustments) to a patient. Manipulation is a controlled low impulse low force adjustment to the vertebra which helps to restore the normal function within the spinal joints, and as you can see safe, and simple for a chiropractor to perform.
There are many different methods and types of manipulation.

Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly performing a neck manipulation

Kevin Kelly demonstrates a simple very specific, very low force chiropractic manipulation (adjustment) to the cervical spine (neck) of a patient. The neck is in flexion and rotation with no extension/rotation of the vertebra. Manipulation is a low force low impulse adjustment to the vertebra which helps to assist in restoring a more normal motion and function of the vertebral joints.

Frozen shoulder treatment – mobilisation

Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly demonstrates shoulder mobilisation techniques used for frozen shoulder and other shoulder problems.

Core lower back exercises.

Core exercises help to strengthen the lower back, improve posture and enhance sporting performance. Kevin Kelly discusses the core exercise program he gives his patients.
Knee fracture – Myofascial Correction

This lady had treatment for chronic knee pain following a motorcycle accident which fractured her patella and caused a puncture wound over her patella.