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Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and trauma occurring with participation in sports and recreational activities are common causes for many hand and wrist injuries. These are often sprains and strains. With any sprain or strain it is very important to provide the correct rehabilitation advice, as well as correct treatment.

We use a specific multifactorial approach to treatment and rehabilitation to ensure that you have every opportunity to achieve the very best recovery. Kevin Kelly uses Chiropractic treatment, ice/heat, supports and Kinesio-taping in conjunction with Myofascial Correction® (MC), a technique which focuses on correcting problems in the Myofasciae (muscles, fascia and other connective tissues).

MC integrates Myofascial release with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy using specialised instruments that Mr Kelly has designed and also additional hand techniques. Rehabilitative exercises (we have a selection of over 2500 stretches and strengthening exercise videos for almost every possible problem) are also given for your specific problem, as well as kinesio taping, these techniques will maximise your recovery if you have RSI and other hand / wrist injuries.

It is important to rest the injured joint correctly because prolonged immobilization can cause joint stiffness.



RSI is also known as Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), or Work Related Upper Limb Disorder’s (WRULD’s) which is the collective name for injuries that arise from continual repetitive use of equipment such as computer keyboard and mouse, that involve quick/repetitive movements of fingers, hands, wrists and arms, that can damage muscles, tendons, and nerves. These injuries can be very debilitating, affecting one’s lifestyle considerably. Carpal Tunnel is an example of a common RSI problem.


In the late 1990′s Kevin Kelly working in conjunction with The Anglo European College of Chiropractic was involved in a pilot study* which demonstrated the effectiveness of Chiropractic treatment for RSI.


In some severe / chronic cases cortisone injection intervention may be necessary. We can refer you to your GP who can arrange this for you.


Please download our free Workstation Exercise Video and do daily exercises to help prevent RSI. This free computer workstation HD video (See reduced size demo below) has been specifically designed by Dr Kelly for computer users. It can be viewed from this website, and a link to the video can be dragged onto the desktop, so that the video can be viewed at any time without using up your hard disc space. Taking only 3 and a half minutes to do, it can easily be fitted into your working schedule and help to prevent getting RSI.

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