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Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly has been successfully treating our clients and their injuries for over 30 years. He was the first Chiropractor in the UK to have both a Sports Sciences degree plus a Doctor of Chiropractic qualification.  His professional approach, vast experience, gentle treatment and the great care he takes with clients ensures only the very best results.

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Peverell Chiropractic Clinic

Providing Professional Spinal Healthcare and Sports Injury Services, Peverell Chiropractic Clinic is located on the corner of Ganna Park Road and Weston Park Road with on road parking and easy access from all major routes in Plymouth, look for Peverell’s Celebration Balloons as it is about 50 metres from our clinic on Weston Park Road. The clinic was opened in 1997 by Plymouth Chiropractor and Sports Scientist Kevin Kelly, and he is being assisted by his wife Elena Long PhD. She specialises in Sports Massage therapy, Kinesio-taping, Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger-point therapy.

Peverell Chiropractic

Rehabilitation Services

We understand the importance of spinal rehabilitation and provide rehabilitation services for you with both home based exercise rehabilitation and also gym based rehabilitation services working in conjunction with our rehabilitation partner Plymouth’s popular Total Fitness and Health Gym.

Our rehabilitation partners gymnasium based rehab services are conveniently located less than 3 minutes drive from Peverell Back Centre.

Numerous studies have shown that in conjunction with spinal maintenance care, spinal rehabilitation and exercise therapy is the best way to keep your spine healthy. Strengthening your core muscles helps to minimize the severity and number of recurrences of your back pain.

Mark Smith is a qualified Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor, a Level 4 Exercise Therapist, Level 3 Personal Trainer, First Aid qualified.

Best of all you can use all these Rehabilitation services and the gym’s other facilities for a whole month for a 50% reduction.

Chiropractic Treatment


Professional Spinal Healthcare

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Sports Injury


Treatment of Sports
and Other Soft Tissue Injuries

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Web Design


rehabilitation of muscle
and other soft tissues of the body

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Myofascial Correction


Treatment for the Fascial
Component of Injuries

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Kinesio Taping


Treatment to Repair
Injured and traumatised tissue

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Peverell Chiropractic Clinic


A warm and relaxing environment
with experienced and friendly staff

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  • Conventional spinal / joint manipulation/adjustments: in which various manipulative and adjustive techniques are used to restore normal spine and joint function.
  • Soft tissue therapy and massage: are used to aid in returning injured tissues back to normal.
  • Myofascial Correction:™ The myofascial technique Kevin Kelly has developed to treat the muscles and fascia which uses, both light touch hand techniques and soft tissue fascial instruments which he designs, these are used for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) techniques and Myofascial Release. He also uses Fascial taping and Kinesiotaping to correct the fascial irregularities of the body (including tissue in-elasticity) aiding in returning injured tissues back to normal.
  • Spinal decompression: Frequently termed Flexion distraction developed by the Chiropractic profession – is used primarily for treating leg pain. Kevin Kelly is one of the most consummate practitioners in the United Kingdom in treating back and leg pain using the Flexion Distraction technique.
Plymouth Chiropractor
Peverell Chiropractic


Our clinic’s goal is to bring your body back to optimum function and health with our specific custom treatments that are designed to achieve this by:

  • Relieving pain
  • Returning normal spinal and joint function
  • Relaxing tense fascia and muscles
  • Strengthening weak muscles
  • Improving and correcting postural problems

Kevin Kelly has successfully treated thousands of different injuries ranging from back pain and leg pain to neck pain and headaches together with various sporting injuries.

Some of the specific conditions we treat

Back pain, Leg pain, Shoulder injuries, Neck ache and stiffness, Leg pain and Slipped Discs, Sporting injuries, Headaches, Migraine, Foot, ankle and calf injuries, Pain between the shoulders, Knee injuries. Please see our “Conditions” section in the main menu.