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In recent years Sports massage has become an indispensable tool for helping sports injuries and sporting performance.  It involves the manipulation and rehabilitation of muscle and other soft tissues of the body and has many benefits.

Elena Long PHD

As well as providing Sports Massage in our Plymouth Clinic also uses sports massage and relaxation massage to help relieve the stress and tension that our bodies accumulate. This makes us more relax and able to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.  By treating the tight muscles and soft tissues of the upper back and neck a general feeling of relaxation and well being occurs.

Why have a local Sports Massage?

Sports and deep tissue massage aids training and conditioning and can, by increasing tissue blood flow post exercise recovery can be improved enabling athletes to train both more effectively and safely.

Sports massage stimulates the lymphatic system improving the removal of waste products and stimulates perfusion of the tissues providing essential nutrients aiding in recovery.
With Sports massage the practitioner develops a sensitivity deep tissues tone and tightness, this enables them to provide advice on specific stretching, and / or training to help improve performance.

sports massage
Massage of the calf using the kuckles and fingers

Sports massage can help to prevent sporting injuries.

Early muscle imbalances and damage in deep tissues and fascia can be detected by our sports massage practitioner and these areas of early dysfunction can be corrected with sports massage before an injury starts to develop.  Also it is important to realise that through deep tissue massage, an athlete can become more aware and in tune to their bodies constantly fluctuating physical status and adapt their training accordingly so they are less likely to develop injuries and also improve their performance by optimising their training.

Sports massage of the calf and lower leg

Sports massage improves sporting and athletic performance
Pre-event sports massage stimulates the circulation to the muscles and joints, warming the tissues up and reducing tension in the muscles, ligaments, fascia and tissues preparing the person for exercise, it also importantly helps to calm athletes by nervous tension and hence unwanted muscle tension preparing the athlete for optimum performance.

At our clinic sports massage can be booked individually for anyone to help ease muscular tension or aid post event recovery or as a series of sessions to complement your training and aid performance throughout the season.


General massage feels great and relaxing, its potential benefits are listed below:

The Muscular System

  • Relieves tension, soreness and stiffness.
  • Increases the range of motion of joints and general flexibility.
  • Frees up or prevents adhesion’s in the tissue.
  • Speeds up post exercise recovery.
  • Enhances the bodies movement.
  • Relieves cramping and muscle spasm.
  • Reduces swelling, tenderness and pain.

The Skeletal System.

  • Reduces joint stiffness.
  • Can reduce joint and tissue inflammation
  • Helps to restores joint range of motion.
  • Relieves joint strain (releasing tight muscles, tendons and fascia).
  • Releases restrictions in the myofascia.