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We regularly treat foot and ankle pain in our Plymouth Chiropractic clinic. Sprained ankles are one of the commonest injuries we treat. If correctly treated most ankle sprains (these are normally inversion injuries) recover favourably, often quickly. Speedy treatment in the first forty eight hours after the injury is important as this will have a bearing on how quickly the problem recovers and impact on the time needed to return to a normal lifestyle/sports…


Ankle pain can occur due to many different factors. Common causes are walking/running on uneven ground and stepping up training too quickly. The ankle is a complex structure. – there are 7 ankle bones, if the normal function in these is lost (ie. they become jammed up or hyper-mobile) pain and stiffness can result can result.


Ankle Osteoarthritis is very common, chiropractors treat this by mobilising and adjusting the joints of the foot and ankle and Mr Kelly uses myofascial release, kinesio-taping and instrument assisted soft tissue therapy (IASTM) to further assist in making a speedy recovery, these specific treatments very useful in providing effective results for this common injury as well as other foot and other sports injuries.

Plantar Fascitis is a commonly treated disorder, treatment consists of ice, deep tissue therapy, Myofascial release, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) and Kinesiotaping.

With foot and ankle injuries (as with other injuries) it is important to provide the correct rehabilitative exercises. We have over 2000 exercises and videos for different conditions available to you free of charge.