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In this modern world where people are busy and often stressed, falling asleep can be be more difficult for now than it was 30 or 40 years ago.   What can we do to help ourselves fall asleep quicker? here is a list of things which can help you have a better nights sleep.

– Dim the lights in your room.
– Turn your mobile phone off and don’t use it then before you go to bed, using visual display screens before trying to sleep makes sleeping difficult.
– Don’t drink coffee before you go to bed, Caffeine alters the melatonin levels in your brain making it more difficult for you to fall asleep.
– Don’t drink alcohol before you go to bed, even drinking small amounts of alcohol can prevent you from falling asleep and also make you sleep less well.
– Now this one’s a bit obvious! don’t sleep with people who make you unhappy, happy couples sleep better together than unhappy ones.
– Develop a routine when going to bed, routines can be helpful, they develop into habits and having good habits before you go to sleep can speed up getting to sleep.
– Warming your feet and hands.  Warming your feet and hands as you lie in bed can make a difference to how quickly you get to sleep.
– Try to think of happy events and have happy thoughts and images in your head when you go to bed.
– Listen to calming and/or classical music when lying in bed before sleeping.  You may wish to set the music to turn off at a certain time.
– Have a warm bath before you go to bed
– Fill your room with the scent of lavender, this will help you sleep more deeply and also wake up more refreshed.
– Get up early in the morning and try to do some type of exercise each day.