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Are there any arthritis sufferers reading this?  if there are then you will probably find that you suffer with more joint pain in the winter months.  Joint pain is increased in cold weather and those arthritis sufferers who travel to warmer climates in the winter months will have a relatively pain free holiday in the sun ….only to have their pain return 12 – 24 hours after returning  to the UK.

Rain and damp weather can also increase joint pain and stiffness, why does this occur?  ” my grandmother used to say……. “it soaks through to your bones”,  with the skin being waterproof we don’t dissolve like snowmen in the rain, I discounted this theory at a very early age.

It’s related to pressure changes the suspect most often singled out by researchers is a drop in barometric pressure, this often occurs in cold and wet weather and is a reduction in the air pressure exerted by the air around us.  this drop in barometric pressure drop often occurs in stormy weather, the theory being that a decrease in the surrounding air pressure may cause the tissues around the joints to swell, with resultant arthritic pain.  Supporters of this idea use a balloon in a barometric chamber as a simulation model.  If the pressure outside drops, then the air in the balloon expands.  Therefore if this happened in the area around an arthritic joint, this expansion or swelling or may cause pressure/irritating the surrounding nerves, causing joint pain.Blood flow and the viscosity of fluids and body tissues is influenced by heat, in the similar way that cooking oil becomes more viscous (thicker) in the cold our tissues and the fluids become more viscous in the cold, the elasticity of muscles and connective tissue (fascia, ligaments and tendons) reduces because of  this greater viscosity, this tissue tightness and increased viscosity may also contribute to increased pain.

Numerous studies have shown that Chiropractic helps reduce osteo-arthritic pain.  Most people over the age of 45 have osteoarthritis in their spine, so most chiropractors are also successfully treating patients with spinal osteoarthritis on a daily basis.

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