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Numerous recent studies have confirmed that not only is saturated fat found in dairy products an excellent source of nutrients, and is actually associated with improved heart health, but it also may protect against type 2 diabetes.

The diets of more than 340,000 people were studied by Cambridge University and the Medical Research Council to see if there was a link between saturated fat and the development of diabetes.  They found that while red meat, fried food, alcohol and carbohydrates did appear to have an impact on the development of type 2 diabetes, dairy foods seem to protect against the disease[1]

Cheese contains the powerful nutritional combination of calcium and vitamin D which aids our bodies to absorb that calcium, along with folic acid, zinc, phosphorus, and Vitamins A, B2, B12, and K2.  We have learned that the calcium is just as important for our teeth as it is for our bones.  In fact, the combination of casein (a protein found in cheese), phosphorus and calcium in cheese may possibly help replace lost minerals in our teeth.   Also, having a small amount of cheese after a meal can help to neutralise the acids  left in our mouth after eating which can help to reduce dental caries.

Vitamin K2 is an invaluable nutrient from cheese, and it is more important to your heart, brain and bones than was previously thought.   Plymouth chiropractor Kevin Kelly says ” K2 help channel calcium into the proper areas of your body ie. to bones and teeth”,  and it also prevents it from being deposited in areas where it shouldn’t, such as your arteries and soft tissues, as well as giving you some protection from cancer.2

In addition, cheese is a good source of protein, and contains the right proportions of essential amino acids to allow our bodies to absorb this more effectivally.

The cheese you select should be made from high-quality milk, ideally raw organic milk from grass-pastured animals that are never fed grain or soy; avoid processed “cheese foods” as they contain chemical additives.   Excellent cheese picks due to their high K2 levels are Edam, Gouda, and brie, but cheddar, Colby, hard goat cheese, Swiss and Gruyere are good choices as well.

Alongside taking any necessary medication, the best way to stay heart healthy is to stop smoking, stay active, and ensure our whole diet is healthy – and this means considering not only the fats in our diet but also our intake of salt, sugar and fruit and vegetables.